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Real World Outcomes in Latin-American Patients with Multiple Myeloma Under 40 Years Old

Multiple myeloma (MM) is a heterogeneous disease that is most frequently diagnosed in the elderly. Therefore, data on clinical characteristics and outcomes in the young population are scarce and it is recognized that it remains incurable even in this group of patients. We present here the outcomes of patients under 40 years old cohort in Latin-American countries. On behalf of GELAMM (Grupo de Estudio Latino-Americano de Mieloma Múltiple).

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Real World Outcomes with VTD and Cybord Induction Treatment for Transplant Eligible Multiple Myeloma Patients in a Latin American Country. Retrospective Cohort Study from Gamm (Grupo Argentino de Mieloma Multiple)

Authors: Natalia Paola Schutz, MD MSc, Paola Ochoa, MD, Patricio Duarte, MD, Guillermina Remaggi, MD, Sebastian Yantorno, MD, Ariel Corzo, MD, Soledad Zabaljauregui, MD, Claudia Shanley, MD, Sergio Lopresti, MD, Sergio Orlando, MD, Veronica Verri, MD, Luis Dario...

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Significant Differences in Test Availability and Access to Novel Drugs for Multiple Myeloma between Public and Private Hospitals in Latin America. Grupo De Estudio Latinoamericano De Mieloma Multiple (GELAMM)

Compliance with Multiple Myeloma (MM) recommendations regarding diagnosis and treatment is highly variable worldwide, outside clinical trials. This survey among hematologists from Latin America (LA) aims to describe real access to diagnostic and prognostic analyses and first line treatment for newly diagnosed MM (NDMM).

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