Blood (2018) 132 (Supplement 1): 2244.


Eloisa Riva, MD, Natalia Paola Schutz, MD, Camila Peña, MD, Fiorella Villano, MD, Guillermo J. Ruiz-Argüelles, FRCP, MACP, Juan Ramon Navarro, MD, Willem Bujan, MD, Lidiane Andino Neves, MD, Christine Rojas, MD, Hernán López-Vidal, MD, Angelina Rodriguez, MD, Virginia Bove, MD, Miguel Rodriguez, MD, Dorotea Beatriz Fantl, MD


Compliance with Multiple Myeloma (MM) recommendations regarding diagnosis and treatment is highly variable worldwide, outside clinical trials. This survey among hematologists from Latin America (LA) aims to describe real access to diagnostic and prognostic analyses and first line treatment for newly diagnosed MM (NDMM).