Real World Outcomes with VTD and Cybord Induction Treatment for Transplant Eligible Multiple Myeloma Patients in a Latin American Country. Retrospective Cohort Study from Gamm (Grupo Argentino de Mieloma Multiple)

Nov 29, 2018 | Artículos publicados por GELAMM, Publicaciones


Natalia Paola Schutz, MD MSc, Paola Ochoa, MD, Patricio Duarte, MD, Guillermina Remaggi, MD, Sebastian Yantorno, MD, Ariel Corzo, MD, Soledad Zabaljauregui, MD, Claudia Shanley, MD, Sergio Lopresti, MD, Sergio Orlando, MD, Veronica Verri, MD, Luis Dario Quiroga, MD, Carlos García, MD, Vanesa Fernandez, MD, Dorotea Beatriz Fantl, MD


There are scarce data regarding treatment outcomes and toxicity in Latin American countries. Argentina is the second largest country in the region and the fourth most populated one. National Guidelines from the Argentinean Society of Hematology (SAH) recommends the use of bortezomib based triplets for induction treatment in transplant eligible newly diagnosed Multiple Myeloma patients.


Blood (2018) 132 (Supplement 1): 3301.